Military Family Life

Life at "home", vacations and typical Military Brat family life for many is very similar, but every base and post was different and so for many Military Brats, family life was very different, especially for families living overseas or in U.S. in remote areas or under difficult circumstances.

The essays in this category are offered to give a glimpse of what life is like when you live every day for the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and National Guard.

For those of us who lived the life, it was normal—it was what we knew and what we accepted. For the civilian observer, it was not normal at all.

With fences capped with barbed wire, check points, guards, special rules and protocols, training, alerts, tearful deployments and joyeous reunions, life in a military family was different.

My Life as an Army Brat—And Beyond

The very first professional picture taken of me was sitting on a pony, dressed as a cowboy, in McAlester, Oklahoma. The second professional photograph is of me dressed in an Army uniform with Sergeant's stripes to match my dad's. Thus began my life as an Army Brat.

Military Brat Wins Music Competition

Listen to Caylea Ingram's amazing song which all Military Brats can relate to!

Goodby Daddy!

Saying goodbye does not get easier over time.

Sumers on the Mediterranean

Life in a military family gave us many rich experiences, making all the moves worthwhile.

Christmas Time in Deutschland

Remembering Christmases from my childhood at Landstuhl Germany with our German friends for six years.

Jackson is a Crazy Cat

We have to contend with a strange animal for a year.

Open House

The best day of the Military year is the Base Open House, or Commander's Day as it was sometimes called.

Our Families

Military life is different from the way that most kids grow up in the civilian world. Only those of us who have lived as Military Brats really understand what that means.

Adventures in Travel

Personal accounts of traveling with the family when changing duty stations.

My Lucky Shamrock

Some simple stories are hard to explain, and some things in life, like true love, is meant to be.

USO - Until Every One Comes Home

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